Shown with backlighting turned on.



Steve Keating

Each modules front panel is constructed on 1/8th-inch thick, white, translucent acrylic that when the unit is powered on, is back-lit with standard blue LED's.  On request, any available LED color can be requested.  Global back lighting can be turned on or off via a rear panel switch.

The 'Z.PAD' control matches the preamps input circuitry to your instruments output impedance for maximum signal transfer.


In 2014, I designed and built the first JWK prototype.

My goal was to build a modular device which would be at home on tour and in the studio and would allow for I-O provisions in a single 2 rack space frame not previously available except by stringing together several individual pieces of gear with associated power supplies and cables.

Later in 2014 I added a 5th module consisting of a mono 40-watt power amplifier making the unit a complete M.I. processor.  Provisions were included to allow for a redundant internal power supply especially focused on tour rigs where maximum reliability was needed.