TG - Tour Grade



Bass Preamp

There is a finite number of solid-state devices available to form the active circuitry of any electronic audio preamplifier.

When I began searching for the "best" possible components to use in the design of the PD1, I found them and proceeded to develop an electrified bass instrument preamp worthy of only the highest grade of studio and tour applications.

Maximum performance electrical specifications are a given, it is the sound that matters first, then the package, especially for touring where the "box" has to hold up to the rigors of the road.  Finally, I don't like "wall warts," and implementing an on-board universal power supply inside the same enclosure as the very high gain, sensitive amplification circuitry is art unto itself.

After six months of design, development and testing, I produced a a few prototype units, three of which are pictured above.  

Besides a gain switch designed to accommodate a wide range of input signal levels, there are two separate outputs and associated level controls, one balanced, one unbalanced.  A locking power I-O connector on the back takes one cord in and provides a feed to the next unit and also assures each cable can't be pulled out accidentally.

The height and width of the enclosure was purposely set to allow for mounting two units, side-by-side in a standard 19-inch rack.  The internal frame containing the circuit boards and power module is aluminum, the frame is steel.

Describing the technical composition of the PD1 only serves to augment the images.  It has to be heard to be appreciated.

Each unit is custom built.  

The serial number is assigned to the owner.

Each unit carries a life-time warranty.

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